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la historia

We began our adventure in 2010 with a small snack (antojitos) place in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Our gorditas and burritos became pretty popular, building a name for ourselves, “madrez!”


The word "madrez!" (mothers) came to be thanks to my mother (Virginia). When we were young she made us corn or flour gorditas (a thicker tortilla with a pocket and stuffed with different ingredients) which she stuffed with shreds of roasted poblanos and onion, then crisped or toasted them to perfection.  She made them BIG, with the hope of filling us up with just one (but we always wanted more). She called them MADREZ! and that’s how the name came to be.


A few years later and after a couple of changes in location,  we stumbled upon a small, but perfect place for our next venture. As a result, madrez! café was born, a small and casual place serving quality food, coffee, and natural drinks in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.


After more than 10 years, our flourishing café in Playa del Carmen inspired us to open an additional location in our hometown of Flagstaff, Arizona. We are excited to offer madrez! cafe in both Playa del Carmen and Flagstaff, Arizona.


We hope you enjoy our simple yet flavorful home cooking.


Buen provecho!


madrez! café

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